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Validator100™ is the only Portable, Affordable and 100% Accurate Counterfeit Detection Device of its kind.  Do not get caught accepting a counterfeit bill by relying on the "Black Marker" counterfeit pens widely used by many businesses.  Counterfeiters are turning genuine USD $1 and $5 dollar bills into higher denominations like USD $20's, $50's and $100's.  Since the paper is genuine, the "Black Marker" gives a false read, marking the counterfeit bill as genuine.


Detecting magnetic Ink on US currency


* press button  and hold on left side of unit unit red light turns on.

* rub over dark area any bill issued by the United States Treasury applying slight pressure.

* Unit will "Beep" and the UV light will light up when magnetic ink is detected validating that the currency is REAL.

Make sure the Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device is perpendicular to the bill.  The scanner head is specificlly calibrated to detect the MICR ink found on U.S. currency.  Both Black squares on the scanner head MUST be touching the currency at the same time to be effective.  Rub back and forth over ANY BLACK area of the bill to Validate.  If the bill is authentic the Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device will "beep" and light up at the same time.


With a USD bill facing towards you, place the Validtor100 counterfeit detection device behind any denomination of US currency issued by the United States Treasury except a USD One ($1) or USD Two ($2) bill.  Press the UV button located on the top of the Validator100 counterfeit detection device anad shine the UV light towards you through the curency to detect the color of the USD currency.

Blue Security Thread Blue Security Thread when viewed by UV light
Orange Security Thread Orange Security Thread when viewed by UV light
Green Security Thread Green Security Thread when viewed by UV light
Yellow Security Thread Yellow Security Thread when viewed by UV light
Red Security Thread Red Security Thread when viewed by UV light (very faint/not as dominate as the other denominations)


States Currently Using License / I.D. Watermark Technology

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