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Validator100™ is the only Portable, Affordable and 100% Accurate Counterfeit Detection Device of its kind.  Do not get caught accepting a counterfeit bill by relying on the "Black Marker" counterfeit pens widely used by many businesses.  Counterfeiters are turning genuine USD $1 and $5 dollar bills into higher denominations like USD $20's, $50's and $100's.  Since the paper is genuine, the "Black Marker" gives a false read, marking the counterfeit bill as genuine.

Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device

"Affordable, Portable & 100% Accurate"

counterfeit detection device Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device - $24.99

  Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device

“Affordable, Portable & 100% Accurate”


This state of the art counterfeit detection device validates currency, credit cards, I.D.’s and checks.  Easy to use and 100% effective when used as instructed.  This Point of Sale Counterfeit Detection Device will replace the “Black Marker Pen” widely used now and no longer effective against the new “washed or bleached” counterfeit notes.  The Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device uses FOUR (4) LR44 Lithium button cell batteries included with each unit.  A detachable neck strap is also included for hands free, easy to use authentication.

Why Choose the Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device?

•100% Accurate to Authenticate Currency, Credit Cards, I.D.’s and Checks

•Portable, Battery Operated:  No electrical outlet needed.

•Durable: Water Resistant, Hard Shell Casing.

•One Time Investment:  Just change the batteries (battery life is approximately 12-18 months depending on usage).

Counterfeit Pen


Validates Currency Paper

NOT Effective on "Washed or Bleached" bills

Will Dry out Quickly if pen cap is not secured properly

Does NOT validate Credit Cards

Does NOT validate I.D.'s & Driver's License

Does NOT validate checks

Inexpensive: average cost $5 - $12



Validator100™ Counterfeit Detection Device

Simply the Best Counterfeit & Fraud Detection Device on the Market

Validates Currency (MICR)

Validates Credit Cards (UV)

Validates I.D.'s and Driver's License (UV)

Validates Checks (MICR)

Battery Operated (12-18 months of battery life)

No Electrical Outlet Needed

Reusable (just change the batteries)

Water Resistant

Hard Casing - Very Durable

Employee Safety

Training (Ongoing as needed)

1 Year Limited Warranty

Affordable: $24.99/unit



Automatic Currency Reader

Expensive, Hard to Feed

Validates Currency (MICR)

Does NOT validate credit cards

Does NOT validate I.D's and Driver's License

Does NOT Validate checks

Hard to Feed

Hard to check multiple bills quickly

Needs and Electrical Outlet

Takes up Valuable Counter Space

Expensive: average cost between $89.99 - $229.99



"I have researched a lot of counterfeit detection devices throughout my career and by far the Validator100™ is the best!"

      Cary Rosoff, United States Secret Service, Retired Special Agent in Charge (SAIC)

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